Jacob Island, Ontario

Jacob Island, Ontario

Camp Maple Leaf – Ontario is located on a beautiful 104-acre private island on Pigeon Lake in the heart of the Kawarthas.

Established in 1955, Jacob Island is our flag ship location. We have been welcoming children to this beautiful camp for over 65 years…and yes – it’s really an island! It includes sky-scraping trees, emerald-green fields, natural trails, unending shoreline, and breathtaking sunsets! The very first camp adventure is a boat trip, and a warm welcome at the docks on Jacob’s Island.

Waterfront Activities:

• Swimming
• Canoeing
• Kayaking
• Fishing
• Beach games

Land Activities:

• Arts & Crafts
• Performing Arts
• Island Nature
• Climbing Wall
• Low ropes challenges
• Archery
• Sports
• Campfire

Hobby Hubs:

An amazing range of hobbies, skills and talents led by our counsellors, CIT’s and volunteers – from Ultimate Frisbee to Frog Catching, anything goes! Every session is crammed with creative and fun outdoor activities with camp friends!

Our Facilities:

Our island includes cozy and comfortable sleeping cabins with bunkbeds and mattresses, modern washroom and shower buildings, a full-service dining hall where we enjoy our meals family-style, a professional welcome centre that includes nursing and wellness facilities, and a variety of program buildings and indoor/outdoor spaces where our activities take place across the island.


Nutritious and Yummy Meals:

A big part of camp is the great food that fuels all our fun. We take pride in providing incredible meals that taste so great, you will never know they were designed with the help of nutritionists and the Canada Food Guide. We are masters at disguising healthy food with child friendly flavour! We can adapt our menu, mimicking the main menu, to meet your specific dietary needs and allergies. With three meals a day as well as snacks, and fruit available all the time, you will never have to wait long for your next munch!


Safety, Supervision & Standards:

You can be confident in letting go and experiencing everything that camp has to offer, knowing that we always keep our focus on safety, health, and wellness. Each of our camp sites are fully accredited and operates at the highest industry standards. Every one of our enthusiastic and caring camp staff is carefully and thoroughly trained and keeps every camper’s physical and emotional safety top of mind at every moment. In fact, many were campers themselves…so they know all about creating the magic of camp for every camper and family.

Jacob Island – Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that Camp Maple Leaf is located on the ancestral territory of the Mississauga Anishinaabeg, and recognize the acts by colonizers that have stopped them from existing here in the same ways.

As visitors to this land, we must respect the animals, water, insects, and each other. We accept the responsibility to educate one another about the true history of our country.

We honor the sacrifices made by the indigenous soldiers who fought allied with the Canadian military in many wars for 100s of years. We remember the wild rice and salmon that used to populate the water around this island.
As a camp, we commit to being better allies by learning the history between indigenous and settler peoples on Turtle Island. We give our thanks to indigenous communities all throughout Canada and particular thanks to the Mississauga Anishinaabeg of Alderville, Scugog, curve lake, and Hiawatha for their commitment to care for this land.